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George Verberg publication

The exhibition of my triptych of works that I made for the George Verberg Grant 2019 is rescheduled from opening the 21st of January 2021 to an opening in September 2021 due to Covid 19 regulations. From the 21st of January 2021 on I will start with writing and compiling a publication about the artistic

In the mean time for What if…

From March till October 2020 I'm working on the What if... project for SIGN and Noorderlicht for the project Artist in Space of the Noordenaars. You can read updates about the artistic research process on the websites of SIGN (Dutch and English) and Noorderlicht (Dutch). The opening of the presentation of the project will be on

Mapping Environments for Breitner academie Amsterdam

For ArttechLAB and the Breitneracademie in Amsterdam I was working with students on the workshop 'Mapping Environments' that is based on the work Attempts to Understand a Field. Students researched their direct environment. Out of the results, we made an art book with drawings, finds and research materials bound in.

Interview Kunstspot

I was interviewed by Ruby the Vos about my plans for the George Verberg Grant. You can find the full article here (Dutch) Photo: Sander van der Bij

George Verberg Stipendium 2019

On January 23, 2020 I won the George Verberg Grant 2019. With the grant, I will be able to study the mysterious world of living flying insects. For the project, I will visit 63 places in Germany where for 27 years scientific research was done to measure biomass. The study showed that the decline in

What if… project – SIGN and Noorderlicht

For the project WHAT IF… by SIGN and Noorderlicht, I was asked as an artist to investigate a utopian/dystopian future of the landscape in the Northern provinces. I will start with the idea that we have to live together with the sea in a new way. A ‘managed retreat’, in which the dykes disappear and

Residency FLUX at Bierumerschool

From October till December 2019 I did a residency at the Bierumerschool. The residency was called Flux and the total project included also works from other artists. For the residency, I visited many places at the Eems (river) and Dollard (estuary) to study the movement of the water. It resulted in the work Flux – Tracing

New studio

I will move into the “famous” Slaaplekker studio in Groningen from February on. I’m really looking forward to working there.

Workshop for Breitner academie ArtechLAB

On November 8 2019 I gave a workshop for art teachers organized by Breitner Academie / ArtechLAB. The workshop was based upon the work Attempts to understand a field. Participants all got basic research materials and a handout with different layered ways of looking. They looked for a spot outside to study a 20x20cm area of the terrain. The

Groupshow at Museum Nienoord

From November 2019 until March 2020 my work Layers of the past continuous is exhibited in Museum Nienoord in Leek, Groningen. The work is about the natural and cultural history of the landscape and the layers of history that are visible in peat. For the exhibition, a group of contemporary artists gave a reflection upon the